Waste Bins


The parish council has been approached to put more waste bins in the parish.

The locations suggested to the council are:

  • Junction of Lower Moor road and Rempstone Road (this is in Worthington Parish)
  • Peggs Green play area
  • Lane from The Moorlands to Farm Town
  • Forrester Close play area – replace poor quality existing bin
  • Coleorton Wood (as this is private land we need to find out if NWLDC will empty a bin, however we were made aware that it could be emptied by volunteers)

The parish council does not have the power and cannot in isolation determine where bins should be placed.  NWLDC has a responsibility to provide litter bins on the public highway (publically adopted by County Council) and ultimately it is their decision whether or not we can install a bin (this applies to any street furniture).

Following a request to NWLDC by the parish council, they will undertake a six weeks’ assessment period.  If they determine that the proposed location requires a waste bin, they will install a bin and empty it without cost to the parish council.  If NWLDC does not agree there is a need, then the parish council can, if it desires, purchase a bin, or accept a donated bin but only if NWLDC grants permission to do so in the location identified.  In the latter situation NWLDC will empty the bin and invoice the parish council for the service.

Two new bins were placed in the parish in the last 18 months.  Current bin locations are:

  • The Moorlands (by the parish noticeboard)
  • Ashby Road (opposite the Millenium Garden)
  • Post Office (Lower Moor Road)
  • Peggs Green play area
  • Junction of Zion Hill and Nottingham Road
  • Forrester Close play area

The following criteria for bin locations is from information provided by NWLDC:

“For the safety of our crews emptying litter bins, we require them to be placed on a 30mph road only. However if a bin is required on a faster road i.e. 40mph and above and has a pull in such as a bus stop we may be able to place a litter bin there on rare occasions as long as it safe for our crews to maintain.”

If there are other locations in the parish where it is felt a bin would be beneficial, please contact the parish clerk parishclerk@coleorton.org.uk who will collate the suggestions, including those already received, for an assessment by NWLDC.  If suggested locations fall within another parish boundary, Coleorton Parish Council will liaise with the respective parish council but ultimately it is their decision, with NWLDC, if a bin is to be provided.  Parish boundary map can be found here Parish Boundary Map | Coleorton Parish    

Closing date for receiving suggestions is 31st July.  The council will publish the suggested locations for comment, and then submit to NWLDC for assessment.

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