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During the last few months our fly tipping champion Cllr. Michael Akroyd has been quietly and diligently working in the background with the local district authority to find a way to reduce incidences of and ultimately stop fly tipping in our village. In the last three years the cost to NWLDC was more than £95k to clear up after fly tips in the Farm Town area with only one successful prosecution. After a spate of seemingly daily fly tips, the incidences have reduced but it is still happening.

Very recently a meeting was held with senior enforcement officials from NWLDC (ultimately fly tipping is the responsibility of the District Council) and the outcome is that they are happy to support and be involved in a working group to address the problem.

The group will comprise NWLDC officials, parish councillors and local residents. The remit for the group will also include the problem of dog waste; this issue has been raised with the Council recently by a local resident.

We would be happy to see more residents from the local community joining the working group; if you are concerned about keeping our lovely village clean and tidy and want to help to protect the environment, please contact Cllr. Michael Akroyd who will be happy to give you more information.

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