Check if you need planning consent for your proposed development or change, contacts for advice and how to apply for planning permission.

Planning applications are decided by the District Council. Local planning applications are discussed at the Parish Council meeting, and occasionally between meetings if the District Council planning deadlines are before the next Parish Cuncil meeting. The Parish Council responds to each application with its recommendations, based on local knowledge and comments from parishioners. The general public can respond directly to the District Council as well. Your comments have equal weight to those of the Parish Council. Results of planning applications are usually recorded in the parish council meeting minutes.

View current applications

You can view and submit comments on current planning applications at
You can also sign up to get notifications of new applications and changes emailed to you. You have to select a post-code to get notifications of changes within defined radius.

Alternatively you can use this map to see local planning applications:
If the map doesn’t show immediately after you’ve entered your post code click on “Planning Applications” tab on the right hand side.

Details of Draft Limits to Development on NWLDC website June 2019 >>

Also check out planning applications in Worthington Parish >>

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