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Budget Report Notes 2024-25
Budget Report 2024-25
Precept Working Sheet 2023-24


Budget Notes 2023-24
Budget Report 2023-24
Detailed Budget Summary 2023-24
Precept Working Sheet 2023-24
Precept Working Document Notes 2023-24


Council Precept 2022-23
Budget Notes 2022-23
Working Sheet 2022-23


Council Precept 2021-22


Council Precept 2020-21



Annual Return (PDF)
AGAR Report (PDF)
Bank Reconcilliation Report (PDF)
Explanation of Variances (PDF)
Notice of Public Rights (PDF)
Reserves Balances (PDF)
Statement of Accounts (PDF)


Statement of Accounts (PDF)
Explanation of Variances (PDF)
Fixed Assets and Long Term Investments (PDF)
Internal Audit Report (PDF)
AGAR Internal Report (PDF)
Bank Reconcilliation Report (PDF)
Notice of Public Rights (PDF)
Interim External Auditors Report (PDF)
Notice of Conclusion of Audit (PDF)


Notice of Conclusion of Audit (PDF)
Notice of Public Rights (PDF)
Internal Audit Report (PDF)
External Audit Report (PDF)
AGAR Governance Statement (PDF)
AGAR Account Statement (PDF)
Bank Reconciliation – 31 March 2022 (PDF)
Statement of Accounts (PDF)
Explanation of Variances (PDF)


Notice of Public Rights (PDF)
Certificate of Exemption (PDF)
Internal Audit Report (PDF)
AGAR Governance Statement (PDF)
AGAR Account Statements (PDF)
Statement of Accounts (PDF)
Bank Reconciliation – 31 March 2021 (PDF)
Explanation of Variances (PDF)


Notice of Public Rights (pdf)
Certificate of exemption
Annual governance & accountability return (AGAR) Annual internal audit
Annual Internal audit report
Receipts and Payments
Receipts greater than £100
Payments greater than £100
Bank Reconciliation as at 31 March 2020
Explanation of Variances
Budget 2020-21

Risk Assessment and Management Procedure

Risk is the threat that an event or action will adversely affect an organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives and to successfully execute its strategies. Risk management is the process by which risks are identified, evaluated and controlled. It is a key element of the framework of governance together with a community focus, structures and processes, standards of conduct and service delivery arrangements.

This document has been produced to enable the Parish Council to assess the risks that it faces and satisfy itself that it has taken adequate steps to minimise them. The Council is aware although some risks can never be eliminated fully, it has in place a strategy that provides a structured, systematic and focused approach to managing risk which:

  • Identifies the key risks facing the Council
  • Identifies what he risk may be
  • Identifies the level of risk
  • Evaluates the management and control of the risk and records findings
  • Reviews assess’ and revises procedures if required.

Expenditure of £500

All expenditure contained in the monthly minutes.

Senior Management Salaries

No one is paid more than £50,000 by this local council.

Councillor Allowance

No allowance paid to Parish Councillors, except for the Chairman’s allowance as detailed in the Precept and minutes.


No grants paid out during 2020-21.

List of Contracts

This information will be added in the near future.

Council Land and Assets

Asset Register (PDF)

Democratic Running

All Registers of Interest can be found on Councillors & Information under each councillors name. Code of conduct and other information can also be found on this page.

Data Protection

ICO Registration Certificate

For more information about Coleorton Parish Council email parishclerk@coleorton.org.uk.

What is Open Data?

We are committed to publishing as much information and data as we can, free of charge. This Open Data area has been created to help us to:

  • Increase openness and transparency.
  • Make the data we hold freely available online (subject to the Data Protection Act).
  • Encourage the public to interact with and use the data that is available.
  • Publish data in a machine-readable format so that it can be re-used.

We publish various categories of information for you to download and reuse in line with the conditions laid out in the Open Government Licence. Some of this data is available in pdf format if you cannot read this format follow this link to download Adobe Reader which is free to use.

Parish Council

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