New Bag it Bin it Signs


During the last couple of years, the parish council has installed a number of new waste bins, particularly on or close to popular dog walking routes. Whilst this appears to have reduced the number of poo bags being left on the ground, there are still many occurrences of dog poo not being picked up. NWLDC has issued new signage and supplied to the parish council and we have put these up at both ends of the Zion Hill playing field and in Coleorton Wood. Unfortunately some dog walkers are not only ignoring their legal responsibilities, but they are creating a nuisance and health hazard for other users of the land. STICK AND FLICK, as has been witnessed on the playing field, is not acceptable. There are bins at both ends of the playing field and in Coleorton Wood. ALL OF THE BINS IN THE PARISH WILL ACCEPT DOG WASTE and to this end stickers are being put on the bins so there is no doubt. Please act responsibly – pick up your dog’s poo and bin it.

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