LE0061: Receipt of documents – notification of exempt status, 2021


This is an automated message from PKF Littlejohn LLC to notify you that we have received and logged the notification of exempt status for the year ended 31 March 2021 submitted to us for Coleorton Parish Council. By notifying us that Coleorton Parish Council has claimed exemption there is no review to be performed and consequently no auditor certificate and report, or any other closure documentation, will be issued by us for this reporting year.

If you did not submit your notification of exemption by the specified submission deadline and were sent chasing letter(s), you will receive an invoice for those chaser charges calculated in accordance with the fee scales set by Smaller Authorities’ Audit Appointments Limited which are available to view here.

Unless we receive any correspondence from local electors during the period for the exercise for public rights that requires us to contact you, you will not hear from us again, except to chase any outstanding fees, until the planning for the 2021/22 review year gets underway.

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