Crime Prevention is better than cure!


Colin Jones reports a good uptake in this equipment but he still has some stock. Please take advantage whilst the equipment is available. Colin’s contact details are below.

Safer NWLDC Partnership is working with the local police and councils to encourage residents to take measures themselves to prevent crime from happening. As part of this campaign, they are making some fairly simple items available, free of charge, to Coleorton residents. Our Crime Prevention champion Colin Jones has acquired a fresh stock of these items, some of which are pictured above and they include:

  • Personal alarm with a 130dbs siren activated on a keyring and includes an LED torch.
  • Car Key Wallets: these key protectors aim to prevent vehicle thefts following a rise in the number of thefts of keyless cars in recent months. The car key protectors prevent criminals from using a device to bounce a signal from the key to the vehicle in order to gain entry and steal it.
  • Window Shock Alarm. Fitted to window or patio doors emits 110dBs siren if the window is shaken due to entry attempt.
  • Two-in-one permanent UV/Ink marker pen and also immoveable stickers to mark your valuables. Valuables can be registered with to enable them to be traced if stolen or lost.
  • Shed or van motion detector PIR with security light – and weather-proof “This Shed is Alarmed!” notices.
  • Fence spikes
  • Simple but effective – small bells to attach to handbag, phone, purse etc which jingle if moved.

These items are available TO COLEORTON RESIDENTS ONLY by contacting our Crime Prevention Champion Colin Jones
Telephone: 0795 806 1508 or email

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