Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Broadband in Coleorton


Fibre to the premises in Coleorton

We've been told by Superfast Leicestershire that some of the fibre which had recently been strung around some parts of Coleorton is now going live.

43 properties can now access superfast broadband through Fibre to the Premise (FTTP), which means they are connected straight from the exchange to their house. Some properties in the postcodes LE67 8HJ, LE67 8HG, LE67 8HL, and LE67 8HN should be able to access speeds of 30Mbps and above.

It's unclear what the relevant BT product would be or whether other ISPs are offering this yet. If you live in one of those postcodes you're probably fed up with snail-paced connections - so give BT or your ISP a call and see what you can get. I'm keen to make sure all residents of Coleorton are getting decent broadband as we've been promised, so please let me know if you're successful in getting 30Mbps plus, or if you are having any difficulties. Email me on


Nationwide Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

If you can't get decent broadband and are trying to run a small business help is at hand. The Nationwide Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS), announced on 15 March 2018, will provide vouchers worth up to 3000 for a small or medium sized business or 500 to residents to help with the costs of connecting to full fibre broadband. The scheme is part of a wider government plan to get more homes and businesses connected to full fibre broadband.

Details of scheme and how to apply >>

Stakeholder meeting

Thursday 28th June 2018 6pm-8pm
County Hall, Glenfield

Presentation from the meeting (pdf) >>

Interactive map >>.

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Earlier Broadband in Coleorton stories >>

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