Walks & footpaths in Coleorton

ivanhoe_way_footpath_sign-150The parish of Coleorton has an extensive network of public footpaths. Some say this is because workers at Coleorton Hall would walk the shortest distance across the fields from their outlying cottages. But looking at some of the footpaths on the map they seem much more random. We also have parts of The Ivanhoe Way which is a circular route around Leicestershire and the Mining Heritage Trail.

We should be proud of our footpaths and look after them so please be careful, don't damage vegetation or trees along the path, leave gates as you found them and don't drop litter. There's more about footpaths in the County at https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/cycling-and-walking/where-to-walk-in-leicestershire where you can also find a link to a form to report a blocked, unusable or unsafe footpath.

Coleorton History Walks September 2019

Sunday 15 September 2.00pm and
Thursday 19 September 10.30am

These will mostly take the route of The Coleorton Heritage Trail (see below) starting from Coleorton Wood car park.

More about Coleorton history Walks and how to book >>

Coleorton Heritage Trail

In September of 2011 the Coleorton Heritage Group published the Coleorton Village Heritage Trail, which is a two-hour walk through the long and substantial heritage of Coleorton, typical of an ancient village in the Midlands. The Trail describes in some detail the rich history as you walk along its route.

From time to time the Heritage Group offer escorted walks around the Trail, but you can also walk the Trail unescorted downloading a copy of the Trail leaflet & map from here or picking up a free hard-copy of the Trail leaflet (from the Coleorton post-office or local pubs).

The Heritage Group organised an escorted walk along the Coleorton Heritage Trail on Sunday 17 July 2013, as part of the Festival of British Archaeology.  Further details and photos >>

Walking through Rough Park


Swannington Heritage Group

Swannington Heritage Group website has a number of walks of different lengths, with maps and hostorical information. Some of these walks include parts of Peggs Green and Coleorton. www.swannington-heritage.co.uk/swannington_village_walks.html

Newbold Heritage Group

Newbold Heritage Group have opened up a walk through New Lount Colliery. For details see their website.

Coalville Ramblers

Coalville branch of the Ramblers Association organise walks around the area and some are in Coleorton, Peggs Green etc. See web site for details of group and programme of walks in the area.

Mining Heritage Trail

If you enjoy walks in the countryside with a historical and cultural theme you may be interested in The Coalville Mining Heritage Trail (pdf)

Ivanhoe Way

The Ivanhoe Way is a 35 mile circular walk around the north western area of Leicestershire and passes through and around Coleorton parish. The name "Ivanhoe" has been linked to the north west of Leicestershire since Sir Walter Scott wrote his novel 'Ivanhoe' in 1820. Scott chose the castle at Ashby de la Zouch and the surrounding countryside as one of the settings used in the book, having got to know the area whilst staying at nearby Coleorton Hall. The footpath is marked with signs Ivanhoe Way.
See details and map at http://uk-walks.info/ivanhoe_way.html

The National Forest

Coleorton is located in the National Forest. Read all about the National Forest on the National Forest website


See some present and historic maps of Coleorton >>

Local Walks

Coleorton Heritage Trail

Report & photos from Heritage Trail walks >>

New Lount Mining Heritage Trail


Some present and historic maps of Coleorton >>

Books about Coleorton