Coleorton Parish

Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire includes the villages of Coleorton, Coleorton Moor, Church Town
and Farm Town as well as parts of Peggs Green, Griffydam and Lount

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Say NO to litter in your Parish!

The 2018 Coleorton Litterpick took place on Saturday 17th March

Some of the rubbish collected during litterpickDespite dire weather warnings, we managed to beat the SNOW! Teams of volunteers were out and about and dodged snow flurries and then enjoyed some sunshine.

We collected loads of the usual fast-food containers, drinks cans and bottles - including several vodka bottles and a champagne bottle! - plastic bags, some with rather dubious contents, plastic sheeting, engine-oil containers. Quite clearly some had just been chucked from cars by careless people (as in lazy people who don't care about the consequences to other people or the environment) driving through. Coleorton residents wouldn't do that would they?

Other junk was possibly blown from red recycling bins during our recent storms. Please do check the lids are on firmly, weighted down with a brick if needed, and if the wind has blown stuff around - please go and pick it up. We all need to do our bit to keep our parish looking good and safe for wildlife too.

Thanks to all who turned out in the cold.

Reporting litter louts, graffiti and fly-tipping

NW Leicester District Council have a page describing what they do regarding littering etc and links to how you can report offenders:

Coleorton Litterpick 2017

A big THANK YOU to all the people who turned out for The Parish 2017 Litterpick. A good job done with a lovely sunny day to complete the task. The picture shows just some of the dozens of bags of rubbish - mainly drinks cans and bottles and take-away food containers - collected by volunteers around the parish. 3 sites (Beaumont Green, Peggs Green Rec. and Forrester Close Rec.) were the starting point for each work party who spent an hour each collecting rubbish from the verges and ditches along the roads nearby.

We can only do the Litterpick once a year so in between please do your bit to keep Coleorton parish clean and tidy. Never throw discarded stuff from your car - either in Coleorton or elsewhere (for someone else to pick up!). It also helps to make sure your recycling bins have their lids tightly shut so the contents don't get blown away before the refuse lorries arrive.

Also check outside your house and pick up any rubbish that's there and dispose of appropriately. A little and often will make a big difference.

We were supported by Street Environment Managers from NWLDC. If you have any questions or suggestions about future Litterpicks please email

Here are some of the volunteers who turned up in previous years at Peggs Green Rec:

Coleorton Litterpick 2016
Volunteers who helped with the LitterPick2015 at Peggs Green Rec


Some of the rubbish they collected. A TV was hauled out of a ditch in Zion Hill


Drivers urged to dispose of rubbish correctly or face the fine

Report from NW Leicestershire District Council, 6 May 2015

During the annual clean up operation, the council teams picked nine tonnes of litter. This is equivalent to 362 wheelie bins  or 1,087 sacks of waste - with 36 sacks of waste collected per mile. They also collected 11 tonnes with mechanical sweeping, taking the total to a disgusting 20 tonnes of rubbish collected. This included plastic bottles and metal drink cans thought to be thrown out of car windows by careless and lazy drivers.

Drivers caught littering will be fined up to �80 as the council look to reinforce their stance on littering and their dedication to combat it.

The areas surrounding the A42 are notorious for getting strewn with litter and each year the council sends its clean-up teams to patrol the route and pick up the litter discarded by irresponsible drivers. The teams have been working early on Saturdays and Sundays since February, cleaning along the A42 in an attempt to tackle this litter problem and make the district cleaner.

John Richardson, Head of Community Services, said: “The work carried out by our cleaning crews is outstanding - the  distance they had to cover and the fact they are a small team makes this feat all the more impressive. What’s not impressive is the amount of litter they had to collect. 9 tonnes of ordinary litter is just unacceptable. For drivers to throw that much out of their cars is disgusting and I would urge every driver coming through our district to respect the landscape and to take your litter home with you.”

Litter Pick 2014

As usual we had a good turn-out especially at The Moorlands. Loads of bags of horrible rubbish were cleared from the recreation grounds, paths and verges. Thank you to everyone who gave up a couple of hours to make our parish a nicer place.

And thank you to MacDonalds Coalville who provided a voucher for each youngster who take part!

Young volunteers at the Coleorton Litterpick 2014

Young volunteers

Litterpick 2014

Hunting out the rubbish in the roadside bushes!

Coleorton Litterpick2014

Who left this sign in the ditch?


Some of the 16 volunteers who cleaned up Peggs Green Rec

Thank you to all volunteers who helped to keep Coleorton looking beautiful.